No Life Like This Life / by Rugile Kaladyte

I found out No Life Like This Life had published our project when I received an Instagram notification of being tagged in a photograph I took while in Holly Springs National Forest. Less than an hour of the post being live, the photo had over a hundred likes.

My best friend, Trevor Raab, had reached out to No Life Like This Life with our collection of photographs from our bike trip from Chicago to Victoria, TX, in hopes of sharing it with others. It all started with bringing cameras (that weren't our phones) on a century ride in Rochester, N.Y. Since then, every ride has become an adventure of seeking out photographic opportunities and documenting them with disposable cameras, point-and-shoot film cameras, and finally, our DSLRs.

Creating work exposed us to the work of others and we discovered a community of people doing the same thing, combining our love of photography, bicycles, and good friends. No Life Like This Life has a message that especially rings true to us: Life is beautiful and we are so lucky to be here.

You're even luckier if you have a friend like Trevor.