Full Moon Fire Jam / by Rugile Kaladyte

Wednesday, July 1, was my first time attending the Full Moon Fire Jam that takes place every full moon from the spring to the fall at Foster Beach along Chicago's Lakefront Trail. As local percussionists played music, fire dancers and fire breathers took to a field, enclosed by rope and an audience with at least five people deep all around, and performed. Circling the area for at least ten minutes, I was lucky to find a spot near the rope between two lawn chairs. Crouching, and sometimes getting hit on the head (accidentally) by my new lawn friends (who were apologetic, but I had to explain that it was my fault and I was just happy to be so close), I was able to photograph the spectacle. It wasn't until I started looking at what I had shot that I decided to compose these gifs. I love having the ability to experiment and try new things, just to see what would come of it.

These events and the people I meet make me appreciate just how lucky I am to live near such an amazing city.