Midnight Criterium / by Rugile Kaladyte

In addition to still images, I've been experimenting with gathering video and audio of the Thursday midnight criteriums. The familiar RIT campus is transformed into an entirely different environment during the midnight hours; under darkness, there are new obstacles for the racers and new challenges for me and my camera. There are no deadlines and there aren't really any expectations. I am free to explore ideas that I would otherwise stray from. I can dare to suck.

Last night I fastened a wireless lavalier microphone on my friend Luke Thomas just before the start of the criterium in hopes of gathering ambient sounds of breathing and the bicycle in motion. By the end of the race, my zoom recorder had gathered over 18 minutes of audio. 18 minutes of mystery and I was beyond excited to pull up the files in Premiere Pro. As expected, a lot of the audio contained static when Luke was out of range of the zoom recorder, but it also captured sounds that I hadn't anticipated: cheering, sound effects from a megaphone, a bit of wind, the freewheel, the counting of laps, and some chatter after the race.

I haven't entirely decided what to make of all the content that I've gathered, but I'm excited to experiment some more and perhaps make a short multimedia piece at the end.