DC TRIP DAY 4: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30TH / by Rugile Kaladyte

The Washington Post

Very similar to last year at AP, we had the opportunity to sit in during a news meeting upon arrival at The Washington Post. The televisions were turned on their side to be vertical to read more as a newspaper. There was stress on time being of the essence and a need to be the first to report it. We then continued to a conference room with Bronwen Latimer, Nikki Kahn, and Chole Coleman. I had the honor of meeting Kahn earlier this year in January at The National Geographic Photo Seminar with my classmates, Niki, Sarah, and Maureen. It was here that Kahn showed us some work from South Dakota. One of the biggest problems that Kahn encountered was getting permission from subjects, something that we have just begun also working with on our own projects and using photo releases. “If someone is under 18, I don’t put their photos in the system,” said Kahn. We talked about our Capstone projects and we were told that it was a luxury to be able to dive into a long-term project because at a paper, one must dive in and out. While I am familiar with Lens Blog and Lightbox, I have only looked at Insight, their photo blog, a handful of times and must make an effort to look at it more.

Education Week

“We are kind of like the New York Times of K-12,” said Charlie Borst, the Director of Photography of Education Week. While I hadn’t heard of Education Week until just before this trip, I am very interested in them after learning how closely everyone works together, something that I have found to be more and more appealing as this week has progressed. Surprisingly, there is a whole research center here and it is where the information originates. Education Week will post the photographer’s blog on their site, which will give them a place to showcase their work, something that normally wouldn’t get published.